The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Central Sulawesi and the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) of Central Sulawesi collaborated to carry out a COVID-19 vaccination targeting provincial Islamic Preachers to achieve herd immunity and suppress the spread of the virus.

Deputy Chairperson of the Central Sulawesi MUI Sagaf S Pettalongi on Wednesday said that the COVID-19 vaccination was a great effort  taken by the government to protect the public from the virus.


“MUI has always supported government programs related to protecting the community during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sagaf said.

The COVID-19 vaccination carried out by the Central Sulawesi MUI in collaboration with BIN involved approximately 100 participants, with different needs for vaccine doses ranging from first, second and third doses (complementary vaccinations).

Sagaf, who is also the rector of State Islamic University (UIN) Datokarama Palu, stated that he will continue to disseminate information to the public about vaccine safety to raise public awareness as well as preventing hoax about vaccines.

“The vaccine is safe, has gone through various medical scientific processes and feasibility tests (trials) to ensure its safety, before being injected into humans.” He said.

“For muslims who will soon enter the month of Ramadan and doing tarawih prayers, taking COVID-19 vaccination is our effort to be more solemn and

calm in our worship because we already have herd immunity.” he said.

The head of BIN of Central Sulawesi Region, Brigadier General Andi Chandra As’aduddin, said that the main target for vaccination was the Islamic Preachers whose activities increased during Ramadan.

“With strong immunity, the potential for the preachers to be exposed to COVID is small. It will enable them to actively serve the ummah during Ramadan,” he said.

Based on data from the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government’s COVID-19 vaccination achievements as of March 28, 2022, there are 1,902,331 people or 89.1 percent have received a dose of COVID-19 vaccination, out of a total target of 2,135,907 vaccinations.

The Central Sulawesi Provincial Government also released that people who had received the second dose of vaccination were 1,126,628 people or 52.7 percent. Then, 68,524 people or 3.2 percent have received three doses of vaccination.