UIN Palu Prepares for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Preparedness Simulation

Palu, Central Sulawesi (UINDK Palu PR) – UIN Datokarama Palu conducted a Workshop in Preparation for an Earthquake and Potential Tsunami Disaster Simulation at the University’s Auditorium on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The objective of this event is to enhance readiness in dealing with severe natural disasters in the region.

Dr. Aksa H. Mardani, ST, MM, representing the Head of the Settlement Infrastructure Office for Central Sulawesi, emphasized the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and government agencies in facing the threat of natural disasters during the opening remarks.

“This simulation is a concrete step in preparing communities and educational institutions for the potential of earthquakes and tsunamis. Collaboration with UIN Datokarama Palu is a tangible manifestation of our commitment to ensure that the public has the knowledge and skills required to respond in emergency situations,” Dr. Aksa stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. H. Kamaruddin, M.Ag, Vice Rector II of UIN Datokarama Palu, underscored the significance of thorough preparedness when dealing with emergency situations such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

“This activity is not merely academic but also part of our social and humanitarian responsibility. We must always be ready and trained to protect ourselves and assist others when disasters strike,” expressed Dr. Kamaruddin.

The workshop was attended by various parties, including the Central Sulawesi Settlement Infrastructure Office, ADB, BPBD (National Disaster Management Agency), other related agencies, UIN Palu officials, students, lecturers, and educational staff. Participants received information about proper first aid and evacuation procedures, as well as effective communication strategies during emergency situations.

The event spanned three days and culminated with a disaster management simulation on Thursday, September 14, in the UIN Datokarama Palu campus courtyard.

With the organization of this workshop and simulation, UIN Datokarama Palu reaffirms its commitment to actively contribute to preparing the community for potential natural disasters, aiming to create a safer and more resilient environment.