The announcement of the results for the state Islamic universities entrance examination (UM-PTKIN) of 2022 has been determined by the committee and the results were announced on Thursday (30/6/2022) afternoon.

Head of the PMB PTKIN of 2022 Prof. Imam Taufiq in his press statement at the New Rectorate Building of UIN Walisongo Semarang, Thursday, explained that the decision of the freshmen candidates has been preceded by the graduation session of the national committee together with the entire local committee of each PTKIN which refers to the test scores of each participant.

“The announcement can be accessed starting at 13.00 WIB by logging in according to the registration account when registering,” said Imam Taufiq.

The announcement link for the 2022 UM-PTKIN selection results is

After the announcement, the selected freshmen candidates can refer to the provisions for re-registration at the local PMB committee at their respective PTKIN and for those who have not passed the selection, they are recommended to register through the independent route of each Islamic university.

“I congratulate the participants who passed, while those who did not pass were still open to studying at PTKIN through the independent entrance exam,” concluded Prof. Imam Taufiq.