State Islamic University (UIN) Datokarama Palu introduced religious moderation to people in the Central Sulawesi Province to realize and improve the quality of religious harmony.

“Socialization to increase community capacity regarding religious moderation is a priority for UIN Palu,” said Rector of UIN Datokarama, Prof Sagaf Pettalongi, contacted from Palu, Wednesday.

Prof. Sagaf explained that religious moderation can be said as a moderate way of religion, to avoid extremism in religious practice.

“Religious moderation is not moderate religion. Because religious moderation is at the sociological level which is in the area of ​​religious practice in social life and establishing social relations with other people,” he said.

While at the theological level, he said, everyone has the right and should believe in the truth of their religion, but at the same time, at the sociological level, they must understand that other people also have beliefs in their religious teachings.

Religious moderation is an approach to increasing religious insight which is expected to have an impact on thoughts and attitudes as well as efforts to make religion the basis and principle to always avoid violent behavior, find a middle way that unites all elements in the life of society, the state, and the nation.

This, he said, was intensively introduced by UIN Palu to the people in Central Sulawesi including Palu City, Sigi Regency, Donggala Regency and several other districts in Central Sulawesi.

“Including people in transmigration areas such as Minti Makmur Village, Donggala Regency. It becomes a priority as it becomes a fostered village of UIN Datokarama,” he said.

In addition to religious moderation, UIN Palu, said Sagaf, also provides understanding to the public about gender to suppress cases of gender-based violence, as well as suppress child marriage.

“This is done by the Center for Gender Studies at the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M),” he said.

Through the concept of gender, UIN Datokarama also prioritizes women’s economic empowerment in transmigration areas.

“This is fully supported by the government, one of which is the Minti Makmur Village Government granting an area of 80 x 100 square meters to become land for women’s empowerment in the agricultural sector,” he said.