Thursday (08/06/2022) The Sharia Faculty held a Scientific Consortium with the theme “The Role of the Consortium in Efforts to Develop Sharia Faculty Lecturers”. This activity was carried out for one day which took place at the Da’wah Hall of UIN Datokarama Palu. The purpose and objective of this activity is to serve as a forum or a means to increase lecturer collaboration in scientific development in order to improve the quality of education and teaching. In addition, the consortium is also to reconstruct the Sharia Faculty curriculum of IAIN Palu to the Sharia Faculty curriculum of UIN Datokarama Palu which adopted the Independent Campus, Freedom to Learn (MBKM).

The driving forces in this Consortium are young lecturers at the Sharia Faculty as the chairman and secretary of the committee “Mohammad Nawir, S.Ud., M.A. and Nurinayah, Lc., M.H”. The participants were 60 people consist of the lecturers of the Sharia Faculty and young lecturers from other Faculties in UIN Datokarama Palu.

In this consortium activity, the Vice Rector for Academic and Institutional Development of UIN Datokarama Palu, Prof. Dr. H. Abidin, M.Ag. delivered a speech at the same time opening the activities of the Sharia Faculty Scientific Consortium, which presented speakers from  Makassar State Islamic University based on their respective fields of knowledge through Zoom Meeting. As reinforcement, the Vice Rector conveyed three important things : 1. Highly appreciate the consortium activities carried out by the Sharia Faculty as an effort to update the existing IAIN curriculum; 2.  It is expected that the lecturers of the Faculty of Sharia are serious in participating in this activity; and 3. Do and carry out our duties with a full sense of responsibility.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia, Dr. Ubay, M.SI. hopes that the scientific consortium of the Sharia Faculty of UIN Datokarama Palu will produce three strategic things, namely: 1. Reconstructing the Curriculum of the Sharia Faculty of UIN Datokarama Palu in accordance with the KKNI framework and the Vision and Mission of UIN Datokarama Palu, 2. Developing the professionalism of Sharia Faculty lecturers then they can carry out the threefold missions of higher education according to their respective expertise, 3. Aligning the curriculum of the Faculty of Sharia through the implementation of the Independent Campus, Freedom to Learn (MBKM). Finally, that all activities can be carried out optimally for the advancement of the Syari’ah Faculty of UIN Datokarama Palu.